The Anti-Federalists

In the world of pre-constitutional American politics, the Anti-Federalists, led by Patrick Henry, were the antithesis of the Federalists party. Created solely to be in opposition to the Constitution, they argued vehemently against ratification.

Commonly held beliefs

Several Anti-Federleralist Works
  • The Anti-Federalists main concern was to avoid a too monarchical governmental system. 
  • They believed in stronger states rather than a strong central government. 
  • Believed that a strong central government would threaten the sovereignty of the states and the rights of individual Americans. 

Individuals published articles and gave speeches in opposition of the Constitution all over the Country. A key argument that the Anti-Federalists used in opposition towards the Constitution was that there was no Bill of Rights, which they thought was necessary. They believed that if there was no Bill of Rights, the rights of individuals would not be secure and the government would be able to take those rights away. 

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